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JoyNoelle 05-07-2016 02:27 AM

Help finding switch to change from 12 volt
I just aquire a 1984 17ft funlite after my 2010 18h burned in a freak fire. I don't know where to find the switch that changes the trailer from operating on battery power to shore power. In my old trailer it was in the same box as my lift mechanism but not in the 84. My outlets and fridge are not working but lights are so I am pretty sure I am missing a switch.

My name is Pat 05-07-2016 06:36 AM

The fridge should have a setting bottom, front center. You can set for 12volt, electricity, gas. It should be beside the temp setting. The outlets will only work on electricity not 12 volt. 12 volt just gives you lights, fans and fridge.

There is no master switch to go from electric to battery power.

JoyNoelle 05-07-2016 08:32 AM

Thanks we figured out this morning that our shore power outlet was bad. Changed where we were plugged into and everything is up and running.

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