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Default AC location

Weather too nasty to do any camper work and wife recovering from surgery..So I'm home bound (thinking) ouch!!!!
Over years I several RV all used and abused..Most problem seemed to Be AC on roof leaks..and Repairing and getting them down..and back up.. Most I ended up Plugging hole (no more leaks)...and install a window unit..always happy with that.....
Well Hi definitely at a lower level for work and easier removal..Thoughts are remove 20y old unit and install a Maxxair that moves air..and that removes 100 # off roof and less likely leak...we seldom camp in heat of summer
But I still would like AC Mounting a( window unit) seems remotely possible/impossible

A (mini split) sounds good but Flex AC lines sound like a pain..

I have a portable /roll around that I used in my van..Which seem like my best option so far..Just gota have vent hose to outside and a small space to sit......

Just though some of y'all been there done that..

all Ideas welcome on this rainy cold day THANKS

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I have seen pics of trailers with a house type a/c mounted thru the side wall at floor level. I think the "new" HiLo's being built in PA have this type set up. Good luck.


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Old 01-09-2019, 08:10 AM   #3
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Thx RC47 thats a interesting possibility..real interesting...and when top is lowered it would be protected. Where to put it centeraly located on my 22f would be+++ and or a fan to circulate temp ...
I had thought about something simular but always in top half and the same problem came up (crunch)when top was lowered...
Now I got something to think about on those sleepless nights..I'm in no hurry cause my roof still works but 20y old..
THANKS again any more Great Ideas Ideas on such a install will be Wonderful
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Did you put a new square 14 inch gasket to stop the leaks? You have to put a new one on every time.
It should not leak, those gaskets do not leak when new.
I have seen window AC units on RVs. You would have to have an inboard one, so need an inside cabinet to hold it and be big enough for air to move on the sides of the cabinet in and out. Just put big grills on the opening so the air can move. This is the air that cools the compressor radiators (this air does not come inside, inside air is always recirculated)
You could put it on the top half, but having rebuilt those walls, I'd say not to put that weight hanging on the wall pulling it out.
I wish all RVs had side mounted ACs, I hate the extra wind resistance and clearance issues the roof things cause.

I just took mine off of a truck camper Im working on. Plan to put back on in June in a better spot so no roof sag.
I used a long extension ladder as a ramp. I had a side hill to make it easier so that kept the bottom of the ramp 3-4 feet higher than the tires. Use a small board, bigger than AC footprint, and slide it up or down the ladder ramp.
Put cardboard on the roof to protect it. I also put a board on roof to walk on and be there to move the AC on so no roof damage.

See my rebuild thread if you are having sag issues on HILO. I put an inside brace just to be on the safe side.
one of these threads has pics:
Aluminum Roof Holes

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Default AC unit

When my parents bought their '91 TowLite, it had a window unit put in the rear bathroom window. When top half went down, unit would slide down behind spare tire mount. Believe it was a 12000 BTU unit.
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I always use new gasket..and never had a a leak a within the first few years but its been inevitable..and I check bolts regular...We average 50"rain a year and there not covered..I'm sure that don't help...
As for the window unit in side or or bottom side section.I been kickin it around..Top is not not high on list cause it puts weight on that top section (and that's what I want to eliminate
But in my quest of researching window units per say;I found out there are 2 types..The (std window unit) with i side vents and rear..There is also (Wall units) that are designed to go in walls through a sleive...that have rear vents in and out ...(I never knew)...
so thats a interesting option for bottom mount ,through cabinet etc..

Thanks Marin and Dan for all great info
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My 1978 has a frame inside the wall for a window AC. It is located below the rear window.

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