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corbin 11-24-2019 10:46 AM

2000 TowLite for SALE-17ft great condition
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I have too many campers so I am selling two of my Hi-Lo campers.
This is a great camper for good price on these unique Hi Lo Campers so please don't ask what my bottom dollar is since this is what it is now to save you and me time from asking - so thank you in advance for not asking what my bottom dollar is since 50% of people always ask this on Facebook or any selling website;) Just trying to save you time so I hope you understand. Thanks!

Please call me at 785-735-4864 if you have any questions on this.

I am trying to include everything below that you might have a question on to help understand everything and specs are in the photos also so please look at all of them for more information.

I also have another Hi Lo camper - 26 foot that I am selling also so I will post that one also right now.

These Hi Lo campers are really great since they get 64% better fuel mileage than other campers due to the low profile and reduced wind resistance. I actually got 75% better fuel mileage in my SUV with this unit compared to the same weight camper that was not a Hi Lo.

I do have a nice weight distribution hitch for this also if you want that for $150 or I will keep it and use it for my other camper since I need one. The previous owners took good care of this as you can tell from the photos.

I did some extra work on the caulking all around it and I am putting some additional coating on the solid aluminum roof just for preventative measures since all campers are know for leaking if you are not proactive about them.

This Hi Lo TowLite edition for this year model is very unique due to the extremely light weight and this is the smallest floor plan, yet extremely room and versatile as my photos show.

17.9 foot long and only 2740 in weight and can sleep a ton of people for how compact it is and lightweight. I would say it could sleep 3 on the bottom and two on the top bunk for 4-5 people.

I did have a 13 foot Scamp (like Casita campers also) and a friend had a 17 foot Casita camper (these are the all fiberglass ones) and they are really nice, but really overrated and priced and they don't even COLLAPSE down like these which allows gas savings $$, safer to tow and much better looking to store in your yard since they collapse into 1/2 the size.
People pay around 10k for Casita's and Scamps that are 2000 year models and 17 foot long. This camper for example, is a much better value.
The only major difference with the Hi-Lo TowLite is as long as you keep these sealed properly you will protect your investment easily so the fiberglass is what you pay for on those Scamps and Casita's and of course they don't collapse down like these do. This unit to me at 17 feet, is a much better value for $3,800 compared to the same year model and same length (17ft) that would cost you around $10,000 for one of those compact unit fiberglass units. However, if you are a rich...buy one of those...since you don't have to worry about money or gas money;)

Clean title and in excellent shape and AC, Stove, Fridge, water heater, water pump all work and I lubricated the slide on this so it goes up and down smoothly. Bunk mattress is in mint condition since it was never used and cushions are in great shape as you can tell.

It only has one small spot where some slight water came in from the back of it so I took of the small panel and I am putting some new insulation in it and sealed up the bathroom vent where just a little crack in the caulk is where the water came from. It did not do any damage to the roof or floor so it was just one minor water leak is all.
Floor, roof, etc., are solid as a rock.
Furniture is in great shape.
The two tires are 8 ply and only a few years old in hardly used and in excellent shape.

Previous owners just did use this much and I used it for a short time, but I have too many campers so I need to sell some. Please call me at 785-735-4864 if you have any questions on this. Have a great day!

corbin 12-21-2019 08:15 AM

Just sold please close this ad - thank you
Th is just sold so please close this ad...thank you

JackandJanet 12-21-2019 10:33 AM

Congratulations, corbin, thanks for telling us. Closing the thread.

- Jack

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