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yvonne 05-10-2011 09:17 PM

Im looking for a 97 hi-lo 26ft trailer manual. We bought our trailer at a goodwill auction and ofcourse not a shread of paper. We are so excited to get our trailer checked and ready for the summer. No more tent!!! If anyone can help we would really appreciate it. Thanks:)
Model #2697RD

sam 05-10-2011 10:28 PM

97 HiLo trailer manual
Welcome to the forum!! Look in the library section of HTF. There you will find a manual that is close to the year you want. The manuals are pretty generic and don't change much from year to year. Read through many of the back posts. It gives a wealth of information on what to check,grease ect. Many things to do preventive maintenance on. Call camping world and request a master catalog at 1.800.626.5944. Some things can be purchased at Walmart like chemicals for the toilet. Do a search on the internet for the lowest price on a item. We hope you post often and ask lots of questions. You will find our HTF members to be very friendly,helpful and very experienced. If you care to say what city and state you are from maybe some one lives close to you. I've owned my HiLo for 10 yrs.and am still learning some things. Maybe down the road you can post some pictures.Sam

JMDoering 05-11-2011 12:20 AM


Everything Sam wrote is dead on great advice for finding information

The only thing I will add (and I learned to do this from another contributor to this HTF!), is to google the original-equipment-manufacturer (OEM) for manuals specific to your appliances and accessories. Armed with the OEM's name and the items model number, in many cases you can download both an operator/installation manual and a parts list! Available manuals can go way back and are free!

Congrats on your new Hi-Lo and echoing Sam, please post pictures!

vannooch 05-11-2011 03:59 PM


I have a 2693RD and I have all of the paperwork for my trailer, I will try to get down to it and get it scanned and uploaded for you. Let me know what equipment you have as well, I have everything for mine, stove, furnace, refrigerator, converter, A/C, even a brochure.
I just have to get it scanned in.

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