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Christopher73 01-10-2020 12:49 PM

What is the correct position of top section when traveling?
What is the correct position for the top when traveling? I purchased our 1995 HiLo trailer a few years back. The outside was in need of some TLC, but the interior was great and everything worked. The gentlemen that I bought it from showed me how to lower the top for traveling. He said to stop the top when the upper cabinets were about an inch or so from the bathroom walls and dinette back.
I know my cables are stretched, and they are out of adjustment room, I am planing to replace them soon. My question is: was the seller correct or should the top cabinets rest on the walls and dinette, in a more supported position?

Treeclimber 01-10-2020 01:40 PM

When the top is lowered, it should rest on the OUTRIGGERS. Nothing on the top half should rest on anything on the lower half on the inside.
The outriggers are those four square tubes attached to the frame on the outside. Many units were also designed to rest on the "A" frame and rear bumper. When I purchased my first Hi Lo, there were no rubber bumpers on those outriggers. So I bought hockey pucks, and screwed them in place. Even on my latest Hi Lo I use them, just to give myself a little more room.
I've heard of folks breaking light fixtures because of cable slack and the top coming down TOO far. The hockey puck bumpers prevent this. Even if your going to replace those cables, you should become familiar with cable adjustments, because those new cables ARE going to stretch pretty quickly.

JackandJanet 01-10-2020 03:43 PM

^^^ What he said!

I had to replace the rubber bumpers on my outriggers too, and used hockey pucks for the task. They have very hard rubber that almost matches the original bumpers.

As long as the top is supported by the lower frame (outriggers or A-frame/bumper combination, you are good to go. Nothing else should support the top.

- Jack

RichR 01-11-2020 09:27 AM

Having the top resting on the outriggers or frame takes tension off the cables. That prevents cable stretch and damage to the pulleys. Can you imagine what the trailer bouncing down the road with the top being suspended by just the cables can do to the lift system?
The top section seal should be resting snugly on the strip on the lower section to prevent dust and water from getting in.

jon2bee 01-16-2020 08:44 PM

It’s quite possible your ‘95 trailer doesn’t have outriggers. Our first ‘99 26 ft Classic didn’t have them.


HiLoToGo 01-19-2020 04:16 AM

I appreciated the hockey puck tip. I installed 6 of them today for my 1994 HILO Funlite 23FLL. https://www.hotpursuit.net/Driving/Pr...0Installed.jpg

RichR 01-19-2020 09:18 AM

Did you look to see if the top gasket is resting on the bottom strip?

Treeclimber 01-19-2020 09:23 AM

That'll help for sure. Now it won't sit on those outriggers or "A" frame/rear bumper directly. The ones on my "A" frame had to be shaved to shape so I could attach it to the top. That way my hinged battery cover could open fully. Perfect.

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